Hellcase is an extremely well known CS:GO case opening site that has been around for a long time. As indicated by certain sources, the organization runs its tasks from Cyprus. Hellcase additionally has an exceptionally gigantic follower base and they are likewise pretty dynamic via online media sites. The popular YouTuber “Juicy” who has more than 300,000 followers on YouTube has used the Hellcase in his videos. We also found many videos from other streamers as well who features Hellcase on their channels. Hellcase also has its own channel on YouTube and they have more than 500k followers on YouTube. Since popular streamers use the website, it is another proof that Hellcase is a legit platform!



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Opening cases is a pleasant activity in Counter Strike. Nothing is superior to the excitement existing apart from everything else. Notwithstanding, purchasing Gaben's cases are the quickest method to lose your cash. Fortunately, trend-setters thought of CS:GO case opening locales.You can choose which chest to reveal and the costs range from two dollars to two hundred dollars. These cases are definitely better than Valve’s! Today we will be reviewing Hellcase, one of the top CS:GO skin opening websites.The odds are definitely better than those offered by Valve itself, and the website has a huge selection of skins users can select from. There are a decent amount of ways you can deposit or withdraw on the betting site, and if you have any queries, their customer support is always helpful and accessible directly from the website, although no live chat option is available.



Hellcase official website comes with a very colorful website and it does have the black theme which works well for the dark theme enthusiasts. The overall look of the website is good but the website does seem very crowded.



Hellcase social media team is very active on social media platforms and they also have a huge following.

26.7K Followers on Instagram

550.5K Followers on Twitter

563K Subscribers on YouTube

379.4K Followers on Facebook



Hellcase also has several promotions available, including daily bonuses and giveaways.

Daily bonuses. As the name suggests, the Daily Bonus is a feature that rewards users who visit Hellcase every day with items and account balance.Giveaways. Customers can access them through the “Giveaway” button at the top of the page. Users who complete tasks described in the giveaway receive entries for them. Each entry increases your chance to win the giveaway, so collect as many entries as you can to maximize your chance of getting the best skins.

There are also interval giveaways, which have their own timer, and Premium Hellcase members have the chance to take part in more exclusive ones daily, weekly, and monthly. We talk about Premium membership below.Hellcase has a great advantage over potential competitors because they offer their skin gambling service for both CSGO and Dota 2. Both games have their dedicated sections on  hellcase.com and the betting odds, as well as the skin variety, are very convenient.



Multicase is a type of case in which your skins received only depend on you. It consists of some cells opened one by one when you click them, revealing one of the case's skins. There are 3 modes:

Single Open - you can open one cell receiving one skin and see what other cells contained;

Multiple Open - you can open as much cells as you want receiving a skin for each cell opened;

Random Open - open one random cell.


- Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune is a limited feature available during some events that allows you to use tokens and win valuable skins if you're lucky enough. Compete against other players and get the coolest stuff!


- Farm cases

Farm cases are cases designed for a large amount of openings. For each opening you either receive a cheap skin or a rare and expensive one. To use it select the amount of cases to open on the top (you are able to open 25, 50, 100 or 150 cases at once) and click "Open" or press Enter. Cheap skins are sold automatically (total cost is returned to your balance), rare skins could be sold, upgraded or withdrawn.


- Customer Support

First of all, there is a FAQ section available for all visitors to read. Despite not covering some key information like payment methods available or the registration process, it still is very useful and worth checking.Support is very important when considering a gaming platform, as it is very frustrating to have an unsolved problem. I know from first hand experience that no matter which site you use, it won’t always be smooth sailing. Hellcase only has email support. While this may seem bad, they respond to emails lightning fast! The only downside is that a lives support chat is not available unless you are a Premium member, and therefore all support is made through a ticket system.

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