Digital and real-life items.
Collect, resell, swap or give it to a friend in seconds.
vIRL items can be used for trading, betting and gambling.





vIRLs have arrived to Flashyflashy!


vIRL Gambling will be explode really fast. Trade physical items without physically having them.






vIRL, or ‘viral’, is a digital proof of ownership of a physical item. Let’s say you’re an owner of a brand new and unused pair of sneakers. vIRL confirms this, and allows you to trade your shoes online – or to raffle with them!


What’s the best thing about it? The fact that you don’t have to ship your sneakers to your address first. The distributor can store your items so you can trade only the proof of ownership!


Wait, I don’t have to actually HAVE an item to trade it?


Owning a vIRL means that you 100% OWN a brand new and sealed item, but you don’t have to physically TOUCH it to trade it.


vIRL is a proof of ownership of a product that’s still in the distributor’s storage. It’s not unlike having a bank account, but instead of money, the ‘bank’ keeps your shoes, keyboards, gadgets, clothing or whatever you own. The items are originally sealed and ready to be claimed at any moment -- or sold, exchanged or gifted to another person.


But can I claim a vIRL item?


Of course! It’s yours. You can redeem a vIRL at any time, and the product will be shipped to your address. However, once you claim it, it cannot be traded this way anymore.


What happens when I buy or sell a vIRL?


The item itself doesn’t change place -- it’s still stored in its original, unopened form by the distributor. Only the proof of ownership is transferred between the parties of the transaction. Then the new owner can decide what to do with it: claim the product, sell it, trade it or gift it to a friend.


The proof of ownership is digital. How can I be sure that I really own the item, and that it’s original and unused?


First of all, the vIRLs are created using the distributed ledger technology, which means they are basically impervious to any kind of wrongdoing. In this model, every single participant of the market is also a verifying entity for every other item and transaction. In order to hack a single file, you’d have to hack everyone at the same time. It’s safer than any technology before it.


Digital ledger ensures the vIRL trade is always fair and transparent. But how can you know that the items you haven’t seen are original? The answer is simple. All of them come from their licensed distributors. The vIRL operator guarantees their authenticity.


Where can I get vIRLs?


The supplier of vIRLs is If you are the first owner of a vIRL, you can unbox it on SkinFans, ItemUnbox, LootVGO or VGOMaster. However, you can get unboxed vIRLs from other owners on OPskins, and also trade the items you own there.


Please note that ‘unboxed’ means only that a vIRL has been taken out of its virtual box. The real-life item is still factory sealed.


So I can raffle on Flashyflashy using the vIRLs, right?


Find the site from the list that meets your expectations and go raffle. Pick the free code from FlashyFlashy site and start gamble That’s glorious, isn’t it?



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